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moreover, it gives clear details (PDF link) on its 1 million identification theft coverage.

moreover, it gives clear details (PDF link) on its 1 million identification theft coverage.

The company lets you monitor two details, two telephone numbers, three credit or debit cards, and two banking account figures, supplying broader coverage than a few of its rivals. Also, it includes clear details (PDF link) on its 1 million identification theft insurance policy.

We additionally like the way the business provides a junk snail mail opt-out solution it calls “Junk Mail decrease,” made to lessen the amount of bank card gives you get, and then the quantity of pings against your credit documents.


PrivacyGuard delivers a trial that is 14-day, but alternatively from it being free, you need to spend a money. Therefore like the program, the company loses all the friction-reducing benefits of trial-to-live conversions by requiring users to jump through that dollar hoop at the beginning of the relationship while you can still see if you. Get figure.

Beyond the somewhat shoot-themselves-in-the-foot test system, PrivacyGuard provides a number of the typical credit and ID protection services provided by identification theft security business competitors. It provides credit that is daily, an integral value in protecting someone’s identification against identification thieves, united check cashing near me and a regularity degree sorely lacking among a number of the organization’s rivals.

Privacy Guard’s base 9.99-per-month system does documents scans. a program that is 19.99-a-month credit scans. a 24.99-per-month system does both. Like the majority of other vendors, Privacy Guard supplies a 1 million policy. Ahead of registering, the ongoing business provides some information regarding the insurance policy’s advantages and limitations, yet not sufficient for this become ideal for making a buying choice.

PrivacyGuard updates credit ratings month-to-month and monitors records that are public Social Security Numbers. Moreover it offers a annual public information report, which gives all the general general public documents information it is discovered into one clear document.