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The consequence that is unfortunate of situation is the fact that Molly Hooper.

The consequence that is unfortunate of situation is the fact that Molly Hooper.

The Ecstasy Explosion by AKABess (E, 3641 w. || Sherlock/John/OFC || Threesome – M/F/M, intercourse pollen/chemical aphrodisiac, dub-con as a result of intercourse pollen) – Sherlock accidentally doses himself, his housekeeper (never Mrs. Hudson) and John having a biological representative whoever unwanted effects consist of extreme horniness.

Non Johnlock Threesomes

When And Then Again by LuxObscura (E, 6115 w. || Molly/Lestrade/John || Threesome – M/F/M) – Molly Hooper has historically bad taste in men – they’ve tended to be either selfish or simply oblivious. The regrettable result of this case is the fact that Molly Hooper has never really had an orgasm while having sex with someone else. John and Greg, being both stand-up blokes and intercourse on feet opt to assist her down with that specific situation.

The Thanks You will get by Rehfan (E, 13482 w. || Lestrade/OFC, Sherlock/OFC, Sherlock/Lestrade, Sherlock/Lestrade/OFC || Threesome – M/F/M, 1920s AU, romance, het-sex, voyeurism) – It’s 1920 additionally the mystery of a lacking jewel was resolved. Throughout the instance Greg Lestrade has dropped for a lady above their meagre place. Their boyfriend Sherlock Holmes isn’t too delighted about this, however the detective’s fascination was piqued. What’s a lady to accomplish when two gorgeous men wish to satisfy their… fascination? Chapter 1 is initiated, 2 is Lestrade/OFC, 3 is Sherlock/OFC, and 4 is perhaps all three of these.

Other Group Intercourse fics

001 by tepidspongebath (E, 5926 w. || John/Sarah, John/OFCs, John/OFCs/OMCs, John/Sherlock || het-sex, Threesome – M/F/F, Foursome – F/F/M/M, Foursome – F/M/M/M camcrush live sex cam , double penetration, Sherlock’s deductions) – each and every time John has intercourse, Sherlock deduces precisely what he’s been as much as as he gets house.